Aluminum Water Pan?

I’m not a huge fan of the stock two piece water pan. Does anyone see a problem if I make one out of aluminum? I’ve got access to cheap aluminum sheets and a brake.


We originally used aluminum water table trays - the issue we ran into was the presence of the steel slats/slat holders caused galvanic corrosion to the aluminum water tables. The solution we came up with was to include a zinc anode in the tray, but these had to be replaced roughly once a year; we decided to move to stainless steel to take another consumable part out of the equation.

Hope this helps!


Thanks, That helps.

bolt the pans down as per instructions…do not add any sealant to the flange joint…put 1/4" water in each side…TIG fuse the flange together…water prevents warp…weld is easy…no drip and acts as one pan…


i dunno i used silicone sealant used by Mazda (im a mazda tech, they repackage your regular gray silicone) my pan doesn’t leak at all, i was worried from everything i had read on here but after letting it cure properly it gave me no issues

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