Alternative Source for "X Axis Lead Nut"

Does anyone know an alternative source to purchase the “X Axis Lead Nut” for a CrossFire Pro?

During initial table assembly and have discovered my nut binds severely despite lubricating. (I can hear the responses already LOL.) Research reveals this has been a issue with many tables.

Contacted LS and they are sending a new one but, after a week and half, we’re still at “a label has been created” stage. If my recent purchase of consumables is any indication, it will be two more weeks before I see it. (Note: I had offered to pay for expedited shipment, but received no response.) -Steve

The link here is a potential replacement part but I’ve never confirmed it

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That is the part I’m looking for. I had found that post while searching the forum. The link is Amazon Canada and the expected delivery could be into May. I would expect the part coming from LS would probably arrive sooner. Thanks much for the reply though. -Steve

The good thing about Amazon is that if you can find it in Canada, they’ll probably also carry the thing in the US site. It just requires a search.

Here are a number of them. Different providers than the Heasen one in Amazon Canada, but they’re all likely from the same overseas factory anyway that whichever meets your cost & delivery needs is probably fine.

Here’s the query I used:
Delrin AB nut leadscrew Backlash

And the results show these:

I’ve been searching for these for over a year and they are near impossible to find. I ordered some from and they never shipped them. I had to file a PayPal dispute to get a refund. Apparently they went out of business and just left the website up and taking orders.

I just recently found these, but I don’t know if they are actually still in business either.

All of my Amazon US searches resulted in only finding smaller 3d printer AB nuts.

I had performed the same Amazon search before posting this thread. The problem is that all the items returned are metric and not the correct 1/2". -Steve

Yes, I had same luck, or should I say lack of it. I might try the one you linked to. I just wish I had some better luck on getting the one from LS, or some sort of communication from them on status of the one they’re shipping. -Steve

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