After I create a G code

Hi guys, learning a bunch here thanks to all of you but next issue is can I get back into my sketch after I create the G code ? I can not find it anywhere. I like to use many of the same components on different projects and just wanting to not need to re-draw them each time. maybe there is a way to save portions of a drawing and bring them up as needed ? Would save me lots of time…Thanks.

post an example of what you are doing and I’ll make a walk through of how I would approach the work flow.

For example I have a clock face sketched and I want to put it aside so that I can bring it back up to add different text’s or whatever to the inner part. Seems that once the G code is created the sketch is gone so I can’t edit it without starting over…

bingo!!! you got it Pontiac!

Ok ill do a live stream soon on the scenario. Within the hour likely.

Up 840 MST

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I haven’t been on much lately due to ill father. Your sound is so much better.

As always, thanks for the good info and continuing to improve your video system.

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Thanks so much TinWhisperer for spending your time to help, I will need to watch this several times while watching on one laptop and following on another but I think it will be a great help.