Advice about possible air compressor for Crossfire Pro

I have the opportunity to get a 140 gallon tank for free(was a propane tank in its earlier life). I presently have a 30 gallon air compressor/tank combo. I thought it might make sense to get another air compressor pump for the 140 gallon tank from Harbor Freight. Is 140 gallons overkill? If it wasn’t free I would not consider getting more than a 60 gallon air compressor/tank combo for the Crossfire Pro I will be getting in April. I can get a 5 hp air compressor pump from Harbor Freight for $132 after 20% discount. Seems like it is worth it. The pump I’m considering has user reviews that say they fill two 60 gallon tanks without strain. Pump specifications say that it delivers 17.3 CFM @ 40 PSI and 15.2 CPM @ 90 PSI. I would also have to get a 5 HP electric motor to power the pump which would be additional. Any advice or comments would be appreciated.

all depends on what your plasma cutter requires.

the Crossfire table only moves the torch around, its dependent on electricity, not air pressure

I will be using the RazorWeld CUT 45.

Requires 6.7 CFM. Always go bigger. You can upgrade your plasma later and have enough CFM for a bigger machine. I recommend a dual stage pump, not to be confused with a twin cylinder pump. Go for oil not oiless. They are quieter and last longer. 240v. I got a nice Ingersol Rand T50 used for $400. So look for deals on craigslist and market place