Adding steel in concrete

Anyone add rebar to concrete pour? Can’t imagine concrete without steel. It’s contained in the tray and the Y axis rails, cable tube, drains all add but it does seem adequate if the machine was to ever be moved around or change homes. I added some and made sure it doesn’t interfere with the assembly. Even the Y axis barbed side plates clear the rebar. Base plate bolts stop just above the rebar and still have 3/4" space below rebar to tray. Figure it couldn’t hurt.

I don’t know as I have not read the installation instructions. It looks very strong.

I would turn your support blocks 90 degrees to the rebar. Just a precaution in case your rebar raft decided to shift that 1/2 inch or so.

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Going to remove the blocks on the very first drop of concrete. It’s just to make sure concrete is under the rebar when starting to pour. That will be job one when first bag goes in…is to get rebar situated and blocks removed.


Looking good. Like your drains.

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Make certain that your baseplate with all protruding bolts will properly clear the rebar in the proper position. It would be a bummer to bottom out on some rebar while you are trying to set the baseplate, or at least a big nasty mess.

All is good… I made sure the rebar was set at a level below the base plate bolts. Have since poured and all went as expected.

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Looks first rate!