Adding a shelf to CrossFire

I have a table on order with a water tray. I was curious about adding a lower shelf to hold the plasma cutter and a tank to hold water. I have seen a few members have done this. My question is how does it affect leveling the table? In one of the assembly videos it mentions leveling the table by adjusting a caster up or down. I would think adding a shelf would hinder this unless it was able to be loosened. Very excited about getting my table, first time working with cnc and have really been wanting one for years.

So I added one to mine but made it a floating shelf so i could adjust as necessary, but i pre leveled the table in its main location and it only moves back and forth a few feet to plug the cutter in and haven’t had any issue yet!


Thanks for the reply. I believe that is the way I will go with mine when it comes in. I am excited to get it and start working with it. Again thank you.

I plan on building a small rolling cart for my plasma cutter, so if I want to use it on its own I can simply roll it out from under the table. I might build a shelf, with a notch cutout to accommodate the plasma cutter cart.

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Both @bricklef and myself have made shelves from aluminum that are really great.

Here’s a few pictures of mine:


Your setup is way nicer than mine!!! One thing I may suggest is to make sure there’s some way for water/cutting solution to drain. Especially because we’re keeping our plasma machines under there. You don’t want something to start leaking and fill that shelf up with water and partially submerge your cutter

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I had the same thought and remedied it in 2 ways:

  1. I never leave fluid in the water table after I am done cutting. I just drain it back in to the tank with the air valve I use to control the water level, so if the table starts to leak at least I will be there when it happens.

  2. I only welded the plate to the frame of the shelf in eight 1" long seams, so there the shelf is far from water tight and any amount of fluid that starts to collect in there would just run out through the open parts of that seam.

I am having some issues with splashing from the pressurized air during cutting getting all over the place; including on the torch, down on the shelf, on top of the plasma unit, on the laptop, and on the floor. I’m working on a few shields that should minimize that, but it’s currently still a pain in my a$$ to have to mop the floor every time I’m done cutting…

Has anyone else found a solution for that problem yet?

Mine does it too. It splatters everywhere. I’ve got a drain in my shop so I’ll just spray it with water occasionally but I’m losing my high priced cutting fluid. I’ve got a hypertherm cutter that has the post flow after cutting so that’s when it does a lot of spraying before I can jog it over a piece of metal

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