New 2X2 user cart question

Hello, I just put my order in for a new 2X2 table to get my feet wet in CNC Plasma cutting. I am looking into dimension to build a cart to put my new table on. I want to be able to roll it around easily and the factory set up looks a little on the light side for my needs. Has anyone ever built a new cart or have any ideas or wishes after building one? How do the factory wheels and legs hold up?

Hi Scott and welcome to the forums… So having had the orig 2’x2’ Crossfire some time ago, I feel for the size of the table and amount of material you can place on it, It’s pretty well built… I did have some issue with the casters staying in the legs like they were supposed to but, a few quick welds took care of that… If you take a look around the forums, you will see that some choose to add a shelf down low and I can only imagine this helps stiffen the unit even further. You could use your new table to cut gussets and add them as you see fit!!

A quick search found this------>Adding a shelf to CrossFire


I couldn’t wait to start hacking on mine. Since it has to live in a garden shed and gets used outside exclusively, those little casters had to go. I cutoff the legs before they were ever mounted and welded 8" casters onto them, and made a plasma cutter shelf to boot that also braces the legs. It’s a UTVCNC. I added some concrete pads that are all level with each other and it wheels into place on them and is ready to go in 5-10 minutes.


Ha!! You aren’t kidding!!! Nicely done!

Need to add extra shelf for your water table fluid storage tank that also gets wheeled in with those great casters!

Nope. I’ll keep using a hose.

After all, that much water would add another 125 lbs and it’s Wheaties powered.

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how big is your table? My 2x2 takes about 6-7 gallons to fill x 8lb/gallon = 56lb.

I think it holds around 15 gal. I used a 5 gal bucket to fill it one time and it took 3 of them.

You can add all the shelves and tanks that you want to your table.

Thanks for that. I won’t be bothering you with any more suggestions… As you say, I can do what I want with my own table and I don’t give a flip what you do with yours.