Accuracy Test Program?

Does anyone have a simple gcode program that can be used to test accuracy of the MR1?

Just sweep a 2 4 6 or 1 2 3 block with an indicator like it says in the setup manual.
Adjust the compensation, like it says and you are on your way


Thanks @Bigdaddy2166. I was just looking for another way of verifying. during actual machining, similar to what some of 3D print guys do.

yea, draw up a 1x1 or something cut and measure. you might go larger to also check squareness

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Sounds good. Thank you.

There’s the good 'ol “diamond circle square” test.

What’s the diamond test?

You should do a web search, there is a ton of info. Simple explanation is to cut a part with a square base, then a diamond shape, and then a circle shape. All with standard dimensions. Then measure with calipers to see how accurately the machine cut the part.

Very nice. Thanks for the recommendation. LMS should include this file with the MR1.!

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I recommend starting with a 123 block or similar like they recommend. I believe if there is even a slight deviation and tool diameter, you will be adjusting your machine to that specific tool.

For the record I dont think the compensation does f$%^ all for dialing in the axis accuracy. It shouldn’t live adjust the DRO it should rewrite the firmware