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Hello everybody , I’m relative new on this matter , I hope I can learn as much as I can from all of you. I’m test Engineer (Electronic Eng) for the last 30 year working on manufacturing home entertainment product, developing and design test equipment. I believe never late to start learning new subject.

Hello , my name is Richard ,ben reading this forum for over a month now. I ordered a cross fire pro first week of November 2020, waiting patiently . I am a retired west coast logger living in Howell Michigan now. I have ben welding and fabricating since 13 years old being a logger a lot of equipment maintained and breakdowns. This cnc and software is all new to me but I enjoy learning new things. Looking forward to meeting new people through this forum and giving and receiving help and ideas as well.

Hello from Michigan
My name is Richard ,I am in Howell Michigan. I ordered the crossfire pro in November 2020,waiting patiently for arrival. I am a retired west coast logger fabricated all my life on heavy equipment, off-road 4x4, built my own race car chassis when I used to race in the ARCA series. I have never used cnc machines in my life all old school but wanting to learn new methods. Looking forward to this and meeting new people on this forum and learning from your experience.

@ctgolfer is into building & supporting a race team. He might be someone who can share tips or files even.

thank you for the info. James

Welcome bud!
Learning this cnc stuff was tough for me but I get along ok with it now with the help of Jamesdhatch, I do make racing parts from time to time, kinda fun developing/designing new stuff and putting it to use.
I was a logger here in CT for a bunch of years, If only I had this machine in those days!
Be patient, learn the cnc as best you can, it seems impossible at times but it just clicks when you least expect it.
Dont get caught up too much with some of the fancy equipment some of these guys use with their machines, stuff can be added later, start with just the necessities for now.

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Thank you ctgolfer for the advice and information.
I like to learn new things, I just starting using laptop a couple years back, just to look up parts to buy and what people build on YouTube. However I refuse to join any of them so called " social media sites ". I get by in life just fine without that crap, don’t know how I got through the 70’s and 80’s without fakebook, twitter, and all them other bullshit sites… hahah

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Hello from Big Lake, MN
Machine not due to arrive until April 2021. :pleading_face: Adding to the retirement arsenal. Not retired just yet, but close.

Hello from Texas,still waiting on last shipment but trying to learn and get familiar with everything

Hello Richard,This RonH, Minn, also new to this stuff was a machinist from way back. Glad to
meet ya.

Hello RonH. have you cut anything yet on your table yet?
I’m hoping to make my first cut on mine this week. Dam side jobs keep coming no time for table yet…

no , just completed order trying to get computer ordered so can try programing while waiting for machine. good to hear from you good luck ,

Just getting set up. Noticed that razorweld has the pressure set at 60 psi. Is this correct?

Check the manual. But I had the cutter’s internal gauge set at 80 and would usually go 70 at the connection to the machine (I added a dessicant dryer & a pressure regulator to the air in connection at the back of the cutter). I’d only drop it below that when doing thin material like 20 or 22ga because higher pressures would result in blowing out the arc. (Now I use a HT45 so my info is based on my original table & RW without the CNC port.)

thanks for your help.

Hello all members, I am new beginner and back in March orders my PRO which i received the last package this week.Yeah I am happy and assembly now. I live in Marysville,CA anyone near by - drop a line or two LOL share ideas etc. gong back to work…Thanks…Reinhold

Hello from Panhandle,TX

Hello from Charlotte co Florida!
Ordered my Pro July 9th 21. Doing all the legwork now to learn fusion and whatever else I can so as to be ready when the CFP arrives. Anyone else from the area in Florida that want to share experiences and tips or just bounce ideas off each other feel free to hit me up.

Greetings from MO, I’ve ordered my Pro table. I would have ordered the XR but didn’t want to wait till November to get it, was told Pro would get here in September, I hope that’s correct! I upgraded, I think, the plasma cutter and ordered a thermal dynamics 102. I hope to be able to get into some industrial type projects along with my hopeful sign business. With the much larger plasma cutter do I need to switch tips and turn down the cutter for lighter gauge work, or just go faster? What makes the best cut?