60i raw voltage

I have been using a 60i to cut. Sometimes it would bug out and dip low and drag the tip on the material. I figured it was something I’m doing but I’m Im convinced it’s not. I did the thx test and it fails saying the voltage is too high. I have been messing with it and can not find a good place. I have tried hooking up to the j609 ports to no avail. Anyone have they 60i hooked up manually?

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the 60i you have is that an everlast plasma unit?

I guess I should have been more specific. It’s the Thermal Dynamics 60i

ok…some basic rules to follow

  • do not have laptop plugged into a charger when you are cutting or have it on a isolated ground plug
  • make sure the clamp is on the material and not on the slats or just in the water…needs to be on the metal
  • if your table is dirty…make sure the contacts on the THC are cleaned regularly

Hey, I don’t know if you figured it out or not, but I was having the same problem with my Everlast 82i, and after a lot of testing, I removed the usb isolator and run some test,and problem solved. My machine have de cnc package. . I even tried with a piece of metal to raise the material on one side ( in 16" distance like a diference of 1 ½" ) and still cut good,I raiced the voltage more but did the trick.
Hope this can help somebody

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Thanks . Just trying to help :grin:

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