45XP CPC THC Wiring Troubleshooting


We have had our Crossfire Pro for going on two years. During installation, we got the THC calibrated, but since we started actually cutting, have had issues with it. Specifically, it is reading 0.0V at all times, and consequently, when we try to run a file with the THC, it fails because movement was detected before cutting voltage. We have just used the table with IHS only since then, but currently have the table apart to upgrade the water system, so I am trying to troubleshoot the problem. We are also wanting to cut some files off of a sheet with some warpage, so that’s extra motivation.

I am attempting to follow the troubleshooting guide, starting with checking voltages. Since we have the Hypertherm 45XP with a CPC port, and bought the plug-and-play cord, and since it once calibrated correctly, I am assuming the problem is not with the wiring there, but trying to be thorough. Full disclosure: I am not skilled with a multimeter. Below are the Voltage readings I got:

End of Div output that plugs into control box: 0
Div Output port: 0
End of Div input cord that plugs into VIM box: 0
CPC port:
Pin 3-4: ~15
Pin 4-5: 1.6
Pin 4-6: 1.6
Pin 3-5: 0 (multimeter shows ~6 mV)
Pin 3-6: 0 (multimeter shows ~6 mV)
Pin 5-6: 0
Just for fun, I also checked pins 3-6 paired with 1, 2, 12, 13, & 14. Not sure this matters or what they’re supposed to be, but they all matched one of the three readings I got above.
All of these readings are the same whether the torch is “firing” or not firing.

I would love if someone tells me I’m stupid and missing something easy and obvious, like measuring my Voltage incorrectly. Absent that, any advice on what to do next would be appreciated. I’ve searched numerous forums and found basically nothing about issues between the machine and control box while using the plug-and-play cable. I also believe that if I am getting no Voltage off pins 5-6 (and everything downline), then the troubleshooting flowchart is probably not going to do me much good.

Open to any and all suggestions and questions. Thanks!

-Kellan (Bainville School)

When the computer is connected to the enclosure is this light on:

You are using the correct connections on the VIM (DIV INPUT)(DIV Output):

And the light is on, on the THC board. (You also want to confirm that this board is oriented in this direction with the D13 pin and D13 board markings):

You checked the continuity between the USB collar (Using the ohms setting on the Multimeter):


The software shows the THC indicator you circled as being on/green.

I have the short cable from the plug-and-play adapter connected to DIV input on the VIM box, and the other cable that came with the THC kit connected from DIV output to the THC port on the control box.

I will check the module and its light, and the USB continuity later this morning when I’m in the shop.


here is the install manual for the internal cpc board in the Hypertherm. See if your install matches this. pins 5-6 should give you 1-3 volts when the torch is cutting.


Adding to this, did you install the CPC? I installed one on my 85 and had a wire put on wrong. Five minutes with Hypertherm tech support had me fixed up and running correctly. They talked me through troubleshooting it easily over the phone. I’d start there just to ensure the machine is not the source of the problem and then move downstream.


I did not, the CPC was factory-installed.

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The module is installed correctly and lights up when connected to the laptop.

There is no continuity showing between the USB and machine.

I believe everything is wired correctly according to the diagram.

Update: After working with Hypertherm service, I believe the issue is on the power board in the plasma cutter itself, so it’s not sending the divided voltage to the CPC port. Machine will be going in for service under warranty.


Thank you for the update. That is a new one for us. Probably not for George: he has serviced all sorts of plasma machines for decades.

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