3d printed THC mount

I struggled mounting the THC voltage box with my crossfire pro…velcro failed after a while, adhesive tape didn’t last too much longer, and zip ties looked janky. When I was building my crossfire XR last week, I decided to come up with a better solution. I drew up a small bracket in CAD and 3D printed it. Uses #10 countersink screws and holds onto the box nicely.
I posted this in my project thread and have had quite a few people ask for one, so I figured I would share here too.
I’m not in the business of mass producing 3D printed parts, but if anybody wants one I will print it and mail it to you for shipping+5$. Or, if you have access to a 3d printer I will send you the STL file for free.


I would like your STL file for the THC mounting bracket. bwp1544@gmail.com


Hey Barry, email sent

Hi can i get a copy too please?

We could ask @langmuir-aksel to add *.STL to the approved uploadable files to this forum?

That looks great and I’m still waiting for my Pro to arrive.
Can you please send me the file too.
Thank for making the STL file available for everyone.

Maybe put it on Thingiverse and post a link, so you don’t have to keep sending it to people.

Didn’t think there would be quite that much interest; but I’ve sent off the file around 20 times now, so I took the time to publish it on Thingiverse. Here’s the link: