3D Printed Indexing Tip For PTM/IPT-60

I printed this indexing tip for my PTM-60. Screws onto torch head in place of retaining cap/shield cup. A standard electrode can remain on the head. This would be a cheap easy alternative if you have access to a 3D printer, instead of installing and aligning lasers. May even assist in aligning lasers. Should work with any torch that takes the same retaining cap or shield cup.

Threads are M18 x 1.0. Initial thread-on will be a little tight as male torch head cleans up the printed threads. This leaves a small amount of plastic shavings on the torch threads that needs to be cleaned off.

This is a STL file. The file extension will need to changed after download to stl. Mine was printed with 0.2mm quality, 10% infill.
Torch Index Pointer.dxf (572.1 KB)


nicely done and thank you for sharing…

Now, why did I not think of that?
Pretty damned cool and useful accessory!
Thank you for sharing. :smile:

I have a question. So far I haven’t performed indexed cuts but I might in the future. I haven’t explored options in Firecontrol yet to do so but - how do you tell it that the current position of the torch is a given position on the tool path?

if I am not mistaken…and sometimes I am…

you can click on the Firecontrol screen on the picture and it highlights the point on the drawing…and offers the option of starting at that point or starting at the begining of that loop of the code.

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I know this is an older thread, and there are places online to have this done but, if I paid for your time/filament/shipping, would someone be interested in printing a couple of these out for me?? So far, I haven’t allowed myself to get a printer here… Another rabbit hole is all I need!! :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face:

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Send me a DM with some information I can print you up a few of these. I’m going to make myself some doesn’t add a lot of effort to make some extras.



Can I get in on that too?? Lol

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Send me some contact info. I will work out what it costs me (that’s about $0.90us ea in PETG or PLA) and shipping.


DM Sent… Thanks again!!

For the few of you that needed tips printed. Family has been sick the last few days. I finally feel like a human. I got the first few printing and the shipping boxes showed up today. I’ll get these things weighed up once I get a few off the printer and let you shipping costs.

Thanks for your patience.

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