3D Printed Dimple Die - for those with a 3D Printer

I am going to upload a dimple die set here as STL. I drew it up in SolidWorks. Use at your own risk. Worked well for me. Make sure you ce

nter - top and bottom die interlock. You will need large fender washers and a 3/4” bolt/nut - I used a press but a bolt should work. It exactly aligned my plug flush - print at 100% infill .02 resolution


STL FILE HEREDimple Die - Crossfire Pro.zip (202.5 KB)


I’d like to thank [dbrub2] for sending me a Fusion file that I was going to run on a lathe - but I’m a bit lazy so I used some inspiration from him to do a slightly different version (above) that would work well when printed. the pic shows the dimple die after pressing 2 holes. the brass fitting was not bolted in when the picture was taken

Crank it down until it bottoms out.

I like it. I’m currently doing my best to reorient my thoughts about the strength of 3D printed parts, this is just another example of why. I know there are V dies for sheet metal bending in my future from PolyMide CoPA, something like these would probably be a good candidate too and would allow them to work with thicker sheets, or at an extended lifespan.

Were your dies just PLA?

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PTEG but PLA would be fine.

The compressive strength of 3D printed parts can be amazing.

Thanks for posting the files, my water table just arrived so this will give me something to work on while waiting for the rest of my shipment.

Wow. I wouldn’t have thought a 3D plastic part would be able to do it without deformation.

Very nice.

I haven’t used my filament printer in forever but I might make a set out of resin on the SLA printer. My standard resolution on that is .005 so I should get even more compressive strength out of it.

Thanks for sharing the file. My table should be here in a few weeks So I’m unclear of the hole size in the water pan. I’ve down loaded the stl. file and I want to make sure and scale it to the right dimensions. What are the dimensions for the die? Thanks.

1" hole in the pan

Dan has posted a dimensional drawing PDF file in this thread.


You want the one labeled MOD 2.

Have there been multiples successes with this file? I am in over my head and I want to try it.

Thanks for the file. Had one made and will get it this week and will try it out

Thanks! I owe you a beer.

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Thank-You Bob for taking the time to make the file. I have just put together my Sovol SV03 and will be printing this file.
Is this the version 2 dimple die?"

Thanks to the generosity of Johns I have a printed version of the mod 2 die. One question I had is he used this on an older aluminum pan, will it work on the stainless pan? Thanks again John!

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Thank you! (I almost bought the tool & tooling, I appreciate the savings, hopefully). I’m waiting the the last box of crossfire pro parts, getting electrical wired, and now that I have the water table, I’m printing this. The MakerBot I have access to across town seems to limit 95% infill, I will let you guys know how that goes. (Estimated at a ~4hr print).

Everything arrived and the 3d print dimple die worked. Even it was not at 100% infill, it totally worked.

It crushed them a little but I used what I had, a 1/2” bolt. I bet if I used bigger washers that covered more of the prints, it would have been stronger.


Thank you for posting this.