3d model work flow

Does anyone know of a video that shows the work flow building a sheet metal bumper or something similar? I would like to see how I should model a bumper with various angled faces. Not sure if the sheet metal flange tool would be ideal or if each panel should be drawn individually using 3d sketch? The plan is to weld most of the peices rather than forming.

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Here is a thread where this is discussed. I posted a link another guy’s video making a bumper. @TinWhisperer did a couple twitch videos. I checked his YouTube and they aren’t on there, but he has said in the past he has all his videos on his hard drive and can post it to YouTube if there is a need.

Update: Tin has added the videos to his YouTube.

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I did one a couple years ago for my work truck. First step I did was to take a picture with the front of the truck, put it in fusion as a canvas and scale it to size. This let me kinda draw on it and play with ideas until I was ready to start.

I started with the center and worked my way out. I used the sheet metal tool and a brake to try to do as few welds as possible since they are failure points.

Once I had the center portion tacked to some mounts and on the truck I used one of those big angle finder things and a tape measure to figure out the where to put the next section. Quadruple check everything. My wing sections took a long time double checking that I could do the bends without having tool collisions. I did one whole side then mirrored it to the other. One trick was to put a .1" half circle on the ends of every bend line on the flat pattern. This let me line up the bends in the brake without using a back gauge. They got welded over anyways.

After the wings were done I made some end caps and more mounts. Took it off, weld and blend. I took my time and I had zero parts that needed modifications and everything fit perfect the first time. If I were to do it again I’d have the wings have interior end caps (if that makes sense) with slotted holes so I could bolt them in place before welding. Just easier to align everything.

If I were to build another bumper I would buy a 3d scanner first. Also, I would never weld a bumper for someone else. Liability just isn’t worth the money.