3/8 Steel Cuts With RZ Cut45

Did some test cuts for a project coming up. Very stoked with the RZ Cut 45… 3/8" like butter!
Also, shout out to @Langmuirsytems for Firecontrol! The Straight cut feature is FREAKING clutch. Customer brought his material in and was like can you cut it to fit the table… I was like no problem! It would have taken the customer several cut-off wheels plus time an energy. The Crossfire Pro cut it in less than a minute with beautiful results!
See the results below…

Settings: 18 IPM/ 45Amps/Stock Air Pressure Setting

Also, is it normal to have a bunch of slag where the pierce starts? I understand this is at the limit for this torch… what’s the collective experience out there on these really thick pierces? I set my pierce delay to 1.3/1.5/1.4 just to test it…
Would clean material help this situation?


Ipm around 25 would clean up the slag. Make sure your water pan is full. Slow torch speed will blow water out from under stock and you could burn your pan. Notice a little bit of bevel. Make sure you are setting torch height to. 06 . This all depends on many things type of torch, tip size and machine performance. Give it a try if you have any scrap leftover.



John, that is a terrific link!! Never saw that one before… This should become a standard link to send folks to looking for information… Bookmarked!!

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Hope it helps our forum guys and gals.

@Bigdaddy2166 Thanks for the link… ill look into what may cause that angularity.
I’ve always had some angularity with my cuts… Not sure whats causing the inconsistancy. Time to troubleshoot.

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