20.6 fire control...nothing work anymore

Hi, I just did the up date for FC 20.5 (who was rely fine for me) to 20.6…
Sins that nothing is working anymore… machine motion in continus mode start and never stop! I need to E crash the CFP to stop.


I never have that before! I cut 2 day ago the same program with version 20.5 and everething was A1.

Anybody have issue??

Note: I try, errase and re install with no luck

if you have not done this part following you could be seeing these problems…try this…

go into your PC to add/remove programs
remove fire control from the PC
then redownload from Langmuir the new patch that came out today…it is listed as 20.6…but it is really 20.6.2

the try it

Also go to the folder where you had it installed - there may be files left over there. Delete that directory. Then install the new version. Are you also on the latest version of the firmware?

Thanks, but all ready try to delete, re downlod and re install… no luck…

There is a certain folder you have to delete. I’m not at my laptop so can’t check at the moment. I think the folder is called fire control. It may be in your documents or program files etc. You delete the whole folder, when fire control starts up it will re-create the folder.

Since your deleting the actual program and re-installing it, that corrupted user folder still exists

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Is your problem solved? I have the same issue. And no luck with these ‘delete en reinstall’ tips unfortunately

Hi, well yes and no.

None of the trick mentionned work.
But the last program release (the debug one) sims to work way bether. But I still have bug with him…

That sais, the program still suck.