16ga woes.. need help with getting a clean cut

Looks like you’re running SheetCam. To adjust for the 0.030" difference, I’d just lower my cut height to 0.030 from 0.060.

If Fusion, I’d play with the springback values…


Just want to say thanks to you guys. I have been running my Pro with Hypertherm 45XP for almost 2 years and had never checked the actual torch height and did yesterday. I had thought I had it pretty dialed in and the the dross I was getting was just the way it was going to be. I cut a full sheet of the signs I make for a car club I am in and what a difference it makes now. Was able to turn up the feed rate a bunch and only a few small cuts on them needed the grinder :slight_smile:


I’m curious how long does it take to cut that sign?
Have you ever watched the air pressure gauge on the front of the cutter while it’s running?

Cut height being high is definitely a problem. And your pierce height is probably off also.

But I am thinking that compressor is not able to keep up. I would be curious as to what the RW gauge shows on the from when nearing the end of that cut.

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@Knick It does drop I have 100 PSI after the air dryer but during cuts the plasma cutter will show 65-70 PSI. Good call on checking the pierce height. If it’s off on the cut it would only make sense I also lower the pierce height by .030. I know I need a larger air compressor but I need to build an out building to make room for things that are taking up space.

Being it was near the end of the cuts you were having trouble I thought air pressure might being going even lower like 55 or less

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I still think I might have a moisture issue, I swapped electrodes and got nicer cuts… but I just swapped them the day before. I haven’t connected a desiccant filter yet.

Those small compressors can make a lot of moisture and with no desiccant, Consumables can go bad quickly. Post a pic of your consumables if you can