14g help cant get it tuned just right

First time cutting 14g hot rolled, Anyone care to share their complete tool settings in sheet Cam with a razor Weld 45 so far best runs have been 45ipm 28amp, im still getting top spatter and a puddle at pierce, .5s delay .15 height 50imp plunge

I run 14g at 175 to 200 ipm and 45 amps. 1 second programmed pierce delay ( i tune this in using the overrirdes).

The 45 will cut 14g at 300ipm, i cut slower for better edge quality.

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For detailed artwork? I tried those settings it didnt even cut :frowning:

What cut height are you using? What consumables? Post a video if you can.

.08 I ran to the store to get new consumables, I get a video up, I’m still using the original consumables but my tip is getting a little coned, I don’t have extra anything right now so I am getting off full Hypertherm set up see how that works

New tip setup resolved issue and as a matter of fact cuts way better i picked up the hypoerm cross overs in the razorwelds manual (all of them not just the nozzel and electrode) but while i have you here, when my torch head picks up at the end of a cut it picks up and then turns off, i have no leadout what would be causing this? Heres a video.

Anyone running 32 amps for 14g? What settings? I run it lower amperage for a smaller kerf than at 45 amps. But I get too much dross I feel

I ran mine at 28 amps 72ipm 75psi at regulator, .064 kirf width .9 pierce delay .08 cut height, .15 pierce height 50 ipm plunge and no dross at all but thats with this hypotherm nozzle, electrode, swirl ring, and machine cap…all hypotherm had to hand fire the torch a bunch of times to wear them in, i was unable to get a dross free cut with the razor original consumables on any material.