Where is everyone from?


Drlguy and I live 20 minutes away from each other. Anyone else near Cape Cod?


Next Saturday maybe? I sent you a Pm.


I’m in central Maine


I’ve created a private (forum members) Google map. Here’s the topic with the link and instructions:


Ha, me to, live in Idaho Falls now.


Fort Bragg,Ca The other one.


Central Maine , transplanted here.


New to the forum… crossfire order #3881
Houston, Mississippi


Orlando Fl:grinning:


Idaho Falls for me. I’ve got a lot to learn so hoping to check in with all the local owners sometime.


Feel free to add yourself to the map if you havnt. Strictly volentary but the best way to see who is close. Maybe make a life long friend. Or just get together for some help. jamesdhatch was kind enough to make it for us all here.


Vegreville, Alberta, Canada!

So pumped to get cutting.


I am from Tulsa ok I am still just playing with mine


Le Mars, Iowa. Ice Cream Capital of the World. Look it up. Just ordered mine last week.


I have a client in South Sioux City NE and try to hit LeMars for Blue Bunny and Archie’s whenever I get out there :grinning: Welcome to the fun!


Perfect. I hope I can learn this when it arrives.


Dennis Leslie in Prescott Valley, AZ


Raleigh. NC

Number 40 on the map.
Thanks JamesDHatch for creating it.


Im on the indiana side of louisville ky.


im on the vineyard :slight_smile: