Zero not the same for all? Maybe I missed it?

Hi all! Setting up table did break in and was trying some “cut ready” files. Some start in different places, can you change that? Set program origin? I did a search but might not be wording it correctly.


Assuming you are using FireControl, click on “SET PROGRAM ORIGIN” just below the program controls. Green boxes will appear for eligible start points in the Visualizer. Click on one of those to select a new start point.


Okay thank you very much I was so close! Thank you for your help

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once you have the file loaed you can also select a point in the graphics area and click on it and it will give you the option to start from line or from loop…then it will reload and start from that point…very useful it you blow a consumable in the middle of a cut and want to start partway through the pattern.


Ahh ok, that makes sense. I’m trying to do some dry runs as to not ruin material quite yet … And also waiting for the interface cord for the hypertherm.

Thanks for the input!!