Z axix ihs alarm and no movement

Just added a new laptop to the system. newest version of the fire control software and updated firmware too. first the insufficient slack alarm would not allow anything to be cut. There was plenty of slack and the x/y/z moved freely. That finally stopped alarming and then the system would move to the first plunge and z would not move and the system would fire the torch. Double checked the programming in sheetcam and nothing was changed in pierce height or cut height. Could manually move z axis with fire control and it seemed to “fall” when close to the bottom of the travel on z. I could do that a couple of times and then it wouldn’t “fall” to the bottom. It seemed to have control. When it had control I could run the program without any issues. Z worked and ihs worked with not program than. This happened many times last night after the software update and firmware update. Any assistance is appreciated.

Hi Copilot. I have a couple questions about your issue, if you reach out to us at support@langmuirsystems.com we can help get this resolved!

Good morning.
I emailed the support address with the issue but as of yet no reply. Thanks