Z axis stalling going down

I just finished assembly of my new XR. I tried to make my first cut but it loses arc. Doesn’t penetrate. So I watched and noticed the torch never touches the plate for initial height. It gets about 1/2” and goes back up a bit and fires in the air. When jogging Z axis, there is a slow spot here about 1/2” above the plate. I suspect this slow spot is tricking the IHS. Any idea how to remedy?

Late last night I discovered that the torch is not letting it fall freely. I zip tied a weight onto it and it works. Now I need to figure out how to get it to work without a weight.

Make sure you have slack in torch lead, it will bind z axis if not enough slack! Does z axis travel up/down when using manual up/down buttons on screen? If not disconect torch from z axis and jog up/down to make sure bearing preloads are not too tight and lube bearings.

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Without the torch it jogs freely. I just have to get the torch lead laying just right. It looks like the weight of the torch holds it down and if there is any upward pressure from the lead it will cause issues.

You should have a gradual loop when torch is mounted.

Do you have your lead zip tied at the loom so it stands up? Mine wants to just fall over basically it needs to make a 90 degree turn when it exits the loom.

I twisted lead with torch in holder until loop stood up as I wanted, then tightened torch holder clamps and added a zip tie at drag chain.

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I will try that. I’ve twisted mine but may need to add the zip tie. It seems my torch wants to float like this instead of having any weight.

What plasma cutter do you have?

Razorcut 45

The loop will use about 38" of torch lead.

Good to know. Thanks a bunch. Hopefully I can get time today to get this fixed.

Resolved, bearing pre-load was the problem