Z axis not rapiding to material intermittently for first touch

Up until last week Z was working fine. Now about every 3rd or 4th time it will rapid down about half an inch, rapid back up and then feeding back down at about 30 inch a minute, touch plate, rapid back to pierce point and fire up and come back to cutting height. When it is working like it is supposed to it is pretty fast but when it gets the false start it takes about 45 seconds.

Are you running the latest machine firmware and using the latest post processor?

I am still using the original software that was pre-loaded when I received the CF Pro several months ago. It just started doing this. I am not real computer smart so I will have to find someone to help me with this. Thanks for the help.

The torch doesn’t fire until after the second touch which is .06" to 075" which ever I have set for cut height. It doesn’t stick. It just doesn’t feed down at 100ipm on the first touch sequence sometimes.
It moves to position,
G92 Z0. (set Z)
G38.2 (Probe on) Z-5. F100 ( feed down touch plate) On occasion it seems that it feeds at 10 ipm instead of 100ipm
G92 Z0.
G0 Z0.2 (Haven’t had any problems past this point in each group of cutting sequence)
G38.2 Z-5. F10
G92 Z0.
G0 Z0.04
G92 Z0.
G0 Z0.15
M3 (torch on )
G4 P0.3
G0 Z0.075