Z axis lift error

I having issues with my new CrossFire PRO, My z axis seems to be working fine on one side of the PRO table but when it goes to touch off the metal before it starts a cut on the other half of the table. The Z axis touches off then raises 3" off the part then try’s to cut metal at that height, weirdest thing I have seen. I am running sheetcam post v1.5, just updated firecontrol to 20.4v. I am wondering if i should update the LS-THC firmware to 1.9V and or motherboard to 1.2ls.

I’d check wiring and connectors. When it’s on the side that fails, which way are the cables pulled?

You should absolutely update to V1.09- any version before that has bugs.

With that said, can you post a video of your issue?

I updated the LC-THC to V1.09 and it seem to fix the problem. i tried to recreate the problem but couldn’t. should I go ahead and update the mother board from 1.1ls to 1.2ls?