Z Axis Jam-up temporary fix

So, Got everything setup and running, Plasma cutter came in last so I had time to make sure everything was lined up and moving freely. Also ran a couple of dry runs thru to prove out as much as I could. Only issue I noticed was that the Z axis was a little bit louder than the other two when jogged. But still seemed to move OK up and down until I hooked up and ran my first program with the torch running. About 2 minutes in it stopped and errored out. After that I was unable to jog up or down. Seemed like the motor was trying to spin the lead screw but was straining. Long story short disconnected the lead screw from the motor and removed the coupler and then reinstalled the motor. The lead screw was being forced out of alignment with the motor shaft by the Bearing pocket on the bottom which seems to be out of square to the lead screw shaft. and As a temporary fix I’ve added a 0.008 shim to the one side of the bearing pocket so the lead screw shaft is now again in alignment with the motor shaft. And I added washers to the retaining screws also. (the heads of the screws were pushing on the sides of the bearing). After my fix I’ve now ran 3 large cut jobs with no problems. I’m waiting to hear back from Langmuir about the support email I sent about a more permanent fix. Hopefully soon. Other than that issue, I’m loving me some Crossfire.

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tell us more when you find out more…sounds odd