Z axis bearings on XR adjustment issue (Solved)

I’m putting my table together now. I’m at the Z axis making sure that it is level with the table. I adjusted the two bearings on the back and they are fine. The two bearings on the bottom are tightened all the way up and still not touching the gantry. Still have around a 1/16 of a inch or less from touching. So that leaves some play in the Z up and down but the face is level. Is that, ok?

Did you push the carriage by hand full travel on tube to make sure it doesn’t bind? not all bearings will contact tube during travels, or will bind up and stall motor.

Thanks for responding. I have pushed it across the x axis, and it does not bind. It still has some play because the bottom bearings are not toughing. I guess when i put that treaded rod in it will stop the play in it. So, i guess I will continue with the build. Thanks

I checked with Langmuir today about my Z axis problem. He said there is not to be any gap on the bearing touching the bottom of the gantry. They had me loosen the nut on the bearing and see if it would rise and touch the gantry. It didn’t. the slot in the Z axis is not long enough. I am hoping we can just get a bigger O.D. bearing and run with it. I sent them the video and hope we can solve this tomorrow. I will let you know when I hear from them.

Langmuir got back with me and we figured it out. I was missing the top 2 bearings that ride on the X axis. They are shipping them to me now.


Here is the 2 bearings I was missing. Thought this might help.

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You cut anything yet?

Sorry I have been finishing up on the table. I just added my water and ran my brake in program tonight. It ran fine. Hope to cut something this weekend. I will try to respond again after I cut something. Thanks

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