Z axes not moving

After instating the THC, I unable to jog it up and down This is one of a couple issues that im having
Anyone have any idea on how to fix this issue

sure we do…but we need some more information

  • Was this THC installed on a new Pro table…or an older OG that was upgraded?
  • what software are you going to be working with…
  • have you downloaded and working with FireControl?
    -check all wire connections…sometimes the Z axis wires are not making contact properly

its a gen 2 table with XL Kit
designing in Fusion 360
have been using the table for a year with no issues until after THC install.
I have gone though the wiring 3 times

Try switching the Z motor connection with the X or Y on the control box to see if the problem is with the motor or the controller. If it moves on another controller, then the problem is with the Z motor control in the control box.

will try that thanx

good start @ds690
this will determine if your motor is working…

now check In Firecontrol is your “Height Control” in the top right lit up when all connected?

moved the Z axis to another port and it worked great . what would be the cause if it not working in the right port

did you check this

Try moving the X axis motor to the Z connector. Can you move it? Probably not. In that case it has something to do with the Z Axis stepper driver or its wiring.

Something is probably wrong with the Z-axis stepper motor driver. Contact Langmuir support. It could just be a wire that came loose or it might need a new driver.