Z and Y axis swap?

Well I had lots of time to draw parts I wanted to cut until my Crossfire arrived this week. Went to start cutting but where I drew everything from TOP view it appears that is the Z and X axis not Y and X…

Now in CAM mode it wants to look at the drawings edge on vs top down. I see I could set the Default modeling orientation to “Z UP” but how do I modify all my existing drawing in Fusion 360?

Figured it out. I rotated all my drawling 90 degrees so they were on the X / Y access. Made the CAM part so much easier.


You can also reset the origin while in the manufacture tab.

Glad you figured it out. Same thing happened to me with my first part. In the tutorial videos langmuir clicks a different axis/plane then what it’s supposed to be. Then in a tutorial video later on they click the xy plane.


Exactly how did you do that? I’m not able to comprehend Fusion designers guidance. Thanks!

I start my drawings with the Z axis up as if I were looking down on the part on the table. Also, Y is the long axis of the table. Keep that in mind if you are planning to cut a full sheet of parts. On milling machines the X axis is generally the long one and the XR table is the Y axis is. My point is try to start and draw the part oriented to the table and it makes it easier to move to in to the CAM program. It is for me anyway…but I’m still learning.

Luckily you can rotate it in FireControl, so x-y orientation on the CAD/CAM doesn’t really matter for most things.