Yeswelder CUT55DS

I’m seeing a Yeswelder 55DS non-touch, non-high frequency, blow back start being advertised. If that’s the case, how would you hook it up to a crossfire?

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By connecting the raw voltage leads to the work (+) and torch (-) power connects (lugs) inside the unit. You ll also need to find the wire the lead to the torch trigger and splice the torch on and off into it .

Done at your own risk :skull: :zap:

Here is a plasma cutter compatibility list from Langmuir

If you are looking at a economy plasma cutter maybe a

An Everlast 62i (which should be on the compatibility list but isn’t) @langmuir-reilly ?

It is more money then the yeswelder but I promise your experience with your table will be a 100x better with the Everlast.


I have a YESWELDER welder and a Hypertherm plasma cutter. I do like the welder but I would go with @TinWhisperer recommendation on this one. Too many variables with plasma cutters. Bad cuts mean wasted metal. You would lose more than the cost savings in one project with a bad cut if the YESWELDER does not work out.

Edit: Another concern I have about YESWELDER it that their documentation is poor and support with consumables is fair at best. I would be extra concerned about their consumable line for their plasma cutter.

This is their listing for the consumables:

The word “suitable” bothers me. That means that they will fit but may not have been designed specifically for the cutter. They sell thousands of machines and most people do not know how to use them. You cannot trust the reviews because many people are just delighted that they severed a piece of metal for the first time. Who knows.


Thank you!

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On the references, I was checking ratings for different plasma cutters from several seasoned welders with 10+ years of experience. I get what you’re saying about someone making their first cut and loving it just because they could. Thanks for your input.

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The consumable kit you listed are Trafimet S45 style DRAG tips so you don’t need a standoff and the tips are only rated for 40 amps. It states it has a IPT40 torch (most likely a Chinese copy) and uses different consumables.


Thank you George. Exactly as I suspected. They are just cobbling together parts to make a cheap alternative.

Furthermore, I maintain that there will be no mention in the literature that comes with the machine that will come close to sharing what you just revealed: consumables not rated for amperage that the machine is rated.

Edit: Not to beat a dead horse but here is another consumable listing for YESWELDER and you can see how the ad is misleading based on information from George @mechanic416 They are saying “for 50 Amp machines”