Yes Welder Cut 65DS?

Hi all,

I’m waiting for my Crossfire Pro to arrive and have realized that the plasma cutter I currently have is actually HF start even though it is marketed as a “CNC compatible” pilot arc machine. (Plasmargon Cut60P).

I kind of blew my budget buying the CFP, so I’m looking for an inexpensive plasma cutter to get me going. I’m seeing that the newest generation of Yes Welder Cut 65DS is a non-HF blowback machine, but can only find one thread here about it and it’s inconclusive. I’m wondering if anyone has successfully used this machine?

Looking like it doesn’t have an arc voltage connector on the back, so I would have to wire this in.

Alternatively, I’m looking at the Hynade Cut60DN. Seems like it got a decent review from Mike Festive using it on his CFP, but it’s currently $200 more than the Yes Welder.

Any comments from people who have used the Cut 65DS would be much appreciated!

Stay away from both of those units and get the Primeweld cut60 better plasma cutter and better warranty. You will be better off in the long run.


@LukeWilson i used the yeswelder. Garbage. Super intermittent on pilot arc. No where near the amperage output it says it is. I bought it through Amazon and returned it after trying to use it for a few hours. I have been using plasma machines for many years and have nothing against imported machines. I own an Eastwood and an everlast. Both excellent machines but the yeswelder was a complete letdown.


Thanks DnkFab, sounds like I’m better off spending a few more bucks on the Primeweld or an Everlast. Probably just missed a black friday sale, dang!

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