Yes Welder Cut 65DS

Has anyone used the Yes Welder Cut 65DS Plasma Cutter with their Crossfire. I am new to this and I am looking at the this brand plasma cutter,

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This is a good start. Potentially a usable unit.
Why are you looking at this unit?

Price point is great for a non High Frequency Start, and it appears that this could be adapted easily to the CNC machine. Ive used the Yes Welder Cut 45 but this is a high frequency start which is not recommended when using a CNC.

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Only thing I can see wrong with that plasma cutter is the torch. A Trafimet s65 will be hard to get consumables for.


Can you provide a link of the model you would recommend for our application?

I am genuinely curious of what kind of machine you would choose to link us.

Good luck with that. He posted virtually the same message on multiple threads and as a brand new user looks like a spammer to me.

That is interesting, since I checked your website and there are no plasma cutters.

I know, I just wanted to see what he would come up with

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CHINA… spammer.

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Hi! Just bought the Crossfire Pro. Was wondering if you ever tried it with the YesWelder CUT-65-DS?

I never have used one of those machines I was just helping the op find some material related to it.

not on the compatibility list either.

I would maybe look for an Everlast 52i primeweld cut60? or a titanium 45 plasma cutter instead if you’re looking for a economical unit.

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Hello, welcome to the forum. I bought the cut 65 from yes welder and tried it as a hand held unit. I was extremely displeased with it. it would fail to fire about 1/3 of the time, it was super sensitive regarding grounding to the work piece…and i really dont think the output was remotely close to 60 amps either…the fail to fires were unrelated to the ground as it has a pilot arc that is ground independant…when i could get it to fire the ground issue would turn up as failing to transition from pilot amperage to cut amperage. i tried different consumables with no difference in performance. I returned that cutter and went with the everlast 52i. Not as budget friendly as the yes welder but the yes welder was just to flakey to trust on such an expensive investment.