Y2-Axis wiring to new plug on 2ndGen 2x2 FireControl Box

Is there a wiring diagram to utilize the dead-end Y2-Axis connector to a new external plug to add the 2nd Y motor and carriage? I assume I can just tap off Y1 and mimic but want to make sure and utilize what is already in place.

you just need the driver i would think. Just look for on that’s identical to the one that’s on the Y1 axis or have Langmuir sell you one.

Does it need another drive. Looks to be pre wired from the same block as Y1.

each axis has its own driver. It’s basically a Pro box without the Z and Y2 axis drivers/motors.

some of the wiring is shared power i believe.

Found an exact match for $10 on the Amazon. Also tried to piggie back off Y1 and it works fine but I will get the new driver box. Not sure it makes too much difference though. Does it?

What would the DIP settings for Y2 be set to?

You ever get this accomplished? If so, wondering on the driver you got and if you picked up another y carriage for the 2nd y axis from Langmuir?