Y motor and x motor not working - SOLVED

Well after uploading the newest version of fire control last week, to reduce my speed to 200IPM so I could cut without the y axis getting screwed up, while Langmuir decides what they are going to do to fix it, I was able to cut last Friday and made 12 signs. Today I go back out to cut a new sign, and after everything loads now my y motor on the left hand side of the table will not move at all, and my x axis motor will not move at all either. I tried unplugging the cables from the back of the controller and back in for all 3 of the motors. and nothing changed, I can manually move the 2 motors that aren’t working with virtually no resistance like they are not even getting power and holding themselves to the ball screws… And when you manually move them on the touchscreen, the touchscreen shows them moving across the part, but nothing is happening. Any thoughts. This is getting very frustrating, as now I can’t cut at all again…

Ughhhh sorry to hear about this, wish I could help but sounds more like something possibly internally with the control box. You should hear the motors jolt the machine a bit when turned on. If they aren’t kicking it a little they aren’t getting power. Keep us posted please. Note, if you do get it working, don’t forget to home the machine. anytime you move the lead nuts by hand its essentially throwing the machine out of balance and it needs rehomed. I have a PRO right beside my XR and it will be fully running with my 45 amp plasma while my XR runs the 65. However I hang the torch from ceiling so its not hemmed up in the chains incase I need to move plasmas around also. Downtime is a killer. Im always prepared bc my schedule is way too tight. Might be worth finding a PRO on the web, probably alot going for sale bc people want the XR.

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Glad it was resolved, but what was the solution?
Please post so that others encountering similar issues may be able to resolve same.

it was solved but now it seems his motors aren’t working.

I have been working with Langmuir, as I really have had 3 different problems now, going through a few tests today. But this particular post, the next day I went out while on the phone with Langmuir and turned the machine back on, and the 2 motors that acted like they had no power, had power and were working again, so for now it is solved. Very weird, as I tried to reboot the system 3 different times, when they were not working, and nothing helped.

Ahhh, another case of repair by intimidation! Great to hear you got it going :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I think I was reading on a fb forum (I don’t interact on there bc I rather see stuff be handled here). But a guy had his table in a very cold garage. He experienced a similar issue. So how are the temps? When running there is heat and with heat condensation, so maybe that is part of the issue?

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I am in a heated shop, keep it at 60 degrees where the table is at most of the winter, unless i get chilly then I turn it up to 70-72…