Y-Axis Screw Binding

I purchased a used, but new in box (still in cellophane and box was strapped) machine from a member on here. I got it all built with the tutorials yesterday. I installed the software today and following the videos begin jogging the machine.

The X-Axis moves freely. The Y-Axis was not moving but small amounts. I found on the forum about the lead screws potentially being too tight. I loosened the lead screws and the unit would jog from the back about 60-70% and bind up.

I took the lead screws out and noticed the screw is not going down the center of the support. That makes the lead screw bind up against the lead nut. I don’t know if this is correct or not, but I would have to put the lead nut in a bind to secure it.

Pull back that white ring to make sure the black plastic fingers behind it aren’t bound up.

Then take the 4 screws that hold it to the gantry fitting and loosen them so it can move a bit. Jog the gantry back & forth a couple of times. Watch to see how it aligns with the center hole. The lead screw doesn’t need to be centered, you just don’t want it to bind.

Hold it in place against the mounting bracket in approximately the same place as it naturally found itself when you jogged - it may be a bit off center but that’s ok. Tighten the screws & nuts. Jog again.

If you still have an issue it might be a bent lead screw but that’ll be a couple of other steps to diagnose.

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@jamesdhatch I did loosen the screws and saw quite a bit of movement in the screws when it got down closer to where it binds up towards the stepper motor side.

I took all the screws out, checked the collar and it is free, the lead nut spins freely on the screw.

You can noticed that the lead nut holes are not really close to being centered with the mount on the Y-Axis bar. The lead nut has to be pushed over towards the Y-Axis bar to get the bolts in, which does in turn push the screw over that same direction since it is resting on the outer side of the mount.

Not sure of what else to check for, if there is anymore alignment tricks.

Did you try spinning the mount around? The flat side of the plastic mount should be flush against the side of the metal mount. It looks like it’s about an eighth of an inch too far out.

Is the X rail that the Y axis mounts square to the Y rails & the left & right hand carriage weldments flush along their length with the rails? You’ve got the carriage weldments in correctly (step 3 in the assembly manual)?

Sounds like a problem I was having with my PRO on initial setup. X axis moves perfectly but y axis was binding. I followed the same steps as you have described as I thought it was the lead nut also. Turns out one of the collars between the motor and lead screw was not tight enough. Only one of the y axis lead screws we’re turning. This led to a binding condition. Wrap a tape flag around each y axis lead screw and each y axis coupler and check to ensure all flags rotate. Hope this helps.

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@jamesdhatch I have spun it every which way lol. You are correct, either flat side is not flush against the mount. The screw is pressing up against the welded mount and to get the screws in the holes you have to push the plastic mount over onto the welded mount holes. Puts the screw in a small bind.

Also, everything is square and not just by eyeball lol.

@kdinmexico thanks for the reply. I have followed what you mentioned and everything is tight and rotating as one.

Time for a note to Support. Or drilling the holes out a bit oval to give you the horizontal adjustment you need to line the plastic up and stop the screw from binding.

Check your connection. I had the same thing happening oiled several times. After trying to troubleshoot numerous times I noticed if I held the connector in a certain position by tape it worked fine. Mine isnt under warranty anymore so i cut the cable and removed the connection and did hard wiring to the controller. I haven’t had any problems since.


So I am setting up and my Y axis binds … it moves freely at 100 ipm but bindes at 200 and rarely moves at 300, any suggestions other that what is listed any ideas

Thanks Mac

Welcome to the forum! It would help if we knew which system you have…

crossfire Pro… Sorry about not including that

most likely your bearing blocks are too tight…so to really tell pull out the drive screws…it is a pain but is the best way to see…and once the drive screws are removed the gantry should glide like a skateboard on poilishe dconcrete…a simple finger push should move it across the table…if not you need to loosen up the bearing blocks…

Also dould check square of the table…this is a very critical point…


Update, I loosened the screws on the Y axis that was binding, I can now move without a bind at 100 ipm, 200 has 2 to 3 pasic hiccups, 300 has 2 or 3 hiccups per jog to limits

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still sounds like the blocks are too tight…

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Ok… so after some thinking fluid. I went back out and looked i had 2 different problems. 1 i had swapped 2 of the bearing standoffs. And crap in the backlash nut causing it to be too tight. 2 fixes and movements are smooth. Thanks for all the help folks.