Y-axis problems

I have fully assembled my crossfire pro and was jogging it around the table. It works perfect on the first 3/4 of the table but the last 4 or 5 inches on the back it binds up. It’s acting like it’s catching on something but there is nothing to catch on. As I was just running it I noticed that maybe the lead nut is sagging a little (like maybe it was warped during shipping) could that be the cause of all this?

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That’s odd, i’ll have to check my table to see if it has a bend as well. Your table is all squared up?

Sometimes these brackets get mixed up.

I believe the y ones bracket are the shorter.

The x brackets are longer.

Easy to accidentally mix them up


its actually the Y are longer than the X for both bearing and motor mounts.

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Thanks @nicaDd wasn’t sure and I wasn’t going to run out to the shop.

So I did check all the mounts to make sure they are correct and they are. My table is also square. I checked all the way down the rest of the lead nut and on the other side as well and it’s perfectly straight. Just the one area and it’s the same area it’s binding up at as well

Put some oil on the lead screws. Mine was binding when it got near the rear of the table. I oiled the lead screws and it’s been working fine for 2, years now.

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Did you have to run it back and forth a few times after putting lube on it before it stopped binding? Would WD-40 work?

I don’t remember if I had to run it back and forth. The recommended oil is 3 in 1 oil. WD-40 should work ok.