Y Axis Not Working

Hello Everyone,

I’m hoping someone can help me with my issue. I setup my table a couple of months ago but I can’t seem to figure out what is wrong with my Y axis. Take a look at this video for reference: https://imgur.com/gallery/F85GlsI

As you can see, when I try to jog the Y axis I can hear the motors try to move but they don’t spin. They’ll sometimes turn a little like you see on the video but they won’t move. My x and z axis work perfectly fine, it’s just my Y axis acting up.

I’ve checked my table and it’s level. I also checked both rails and they are parallel to each other.

Any ideas??


Have you checked carefully all your connections to and from the control box?
Did your gantry roll smoothly before you put on your threaded drive shafts?
try this…
Loosen the coupling on the motor to the threaded shaft…let the motors spin freely

Then use the Fire control keys to move the Y-axis motors…do they respond when the keys are pressed?..will the motors run smoothly without any load?

When you press the Y-axis keys…do the motors spin freely?
Do both motors work freely?

If both motors spin freely then it seems the gantry may be to tight for the motors to move.
You may have to readjust your bearings as they could be too tight.

If the motors are jerky without any loading then there is a most likely a problem with the motion control board or the motors are bad.
Contact Langmuir help through email they respond pretty quick.

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I’ll add to this, do the both rotate in the same direction?

the other thing I noticed…is that when there is a motor sound the gantry does not even move a bit…

the gantry is either to tight to move…or the motor couplings to the shaft are too loose…
I had that problem at the start…my couplings were too loose…they spin inside the coupling.

to be safe…I would really pull out the threaded drive shafts and really see if your gantry slide easily…

Thanks so much for the feedback guys, your points got me sorted out and now the gantry is moving with no issues. The coupling on one of the motors was a a little loose so it would engage sometimes but not always. That meant the other side couldn’t move the gantry by itself.

It also looks like I way overtightened the plastic part that attached the gantry to the screws. Both of them are a little deformed which made them go a little crocked and added some tension to the screws. The moment I loosened one of the nuts on the plastic piece the whole screw shifted 1/4 inch.

Now the table is moving around just fine. I tried my first cut but I keep getting an error message that the THC is not detecting the cutting voltage so now to figure that out. I’m using a Hypertherm 45XP with the plug n play cable so that part is dummy proof. Must be some setting somewhere. Thanks again for the help!!!

glad to hear you got the gantry running …that is where at ths point I end my input…
not because I do not want to help…but I know zip on the Hypotherm units…I use an Everlast 60i

good luck

You probably want to start a new thread on this so you get more focused help.

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