Y axis limit switches contacting at different times

im mid assembly right now and ive just dropped the gantry onto the main rails. ive got all rollers making contact and i am noticing that one of the Y-axis limit switches makes contact a good 3/16- to 1/4" before the other one makes contact. ive checked square of the table numerous times now and its within 1/32. the only other thing i noticed when assembling was that the x-axis tube ends werent cut very square and i am wondering if this is what is causing such the drastic difference in limit switch contact points. just curious if this is somthing i should address before i push forward. @langmuir-daniel @langmuirsystems @langmuir-cameron

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Until you get the ballscrews installed the gantry is more or less free to walk along the rails. Once the ballscrews are installed that problem will correct itself. You will be able to rotate the ballnuts manually until both sides are flush against the bearing mounts. At that point you will be able to set your limit switch stops and be certain your gantry is perfectly square. Proceed.