Y axis is running in reverse after limit switch installation

Trying to install the limit switch kit. Didn’t change any wiring to the stepper motors but now Y axis seems to run in reverse with the numbers going up as it approaches the home position above the controller box and going down as it moves away from the home position. I tried reversing A+/A- and that makes the directions run correctly, going up as it moves away from home. But when you press home machine it moves away from home instead of toward home.

What am I doing wrong here?

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Is this how it is traveling from home ?

Yes, I believe so. If I am looking at the diagram correctly. This is what it does when you try to home it.

If you have your home and your work origin in the same place then yes there is only Y- on the table.

Typically most people without the limit switches zero their table to the bottom left corner which would make anywhere you had to move either positive y or positive x.

If you zero at the top left corner where your limit switches are then anywhere you move on the table will either be negative y or positive x.

Currently in that picture the planes representing origin are in the top left corner where the machine homes.

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This issue occurs when FireControl thinks the position of the Y-axis is on the opposite side of the Home location, which is usually due to the Y-axis being jogged after limit switches are enabled but before the machine is homed.

In the “Machine Settings” window, press the “Reset Machine Defaults” button. Then command the machine to home, but make sure you do not manually jog any axis until the homing sequence is complete.


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