Y axis binding at 400ipm

Yeah so like i said its binding anytime it moves more than a few inches in y. Ive looked it over and it all seem solid. Runs fine at 200ipm when jogging. Thanks!

I seem to be having the same issue and my machine is brand new. Can I ask if you see one of the Y axis motors moving a bit faster than the other or one of them is moving sooner than the other?? I have noticed the tension in my ball screws seem to work lose. The tightening instructions on the Y+ screws are inadequate to say the least. There needs to be some type of shimming process and a tight screw not tighten until the screw won’t move by hand and 3/8" deflection in the mid-point.

when it starts binding it seems as if y1 starts before y2. then it makes an awful dang sound. if i take jog off continuous and put it on the 1" setting, it does that just fine. Its if i just start hauling ass at 400ipm, jogging in the y axis that it binds up withing the first few inches. as it is i adjusted the max speed to 200 and am having no issues. for now its fine but if i need to ramp up for production at some point i need it working. It sure isn’t super obvious whatever it is

Go back and readjust bearing preloads, to tight will bind when trying to jog at higher speeds. Make sure that ball nut screws are aligned and tensioned proper as well.


did you ever figure this out. i have a brand new xr with the same issue only at 400ipm. my gantry is hard to move by hand.

I used this thread to help solve my issue of the same problem. When you say the gantry is hard to move, is this before the y-axis ball nut and rods are installed?

Go back and readjust bearings and make sure table is square, and everything else assembled right. Don’t have wires plugged in wrong ports.

Table is completely assembled. at 400ipm the y axis binds. at any other speed everything is fine. i have readjusted ball screws and made sure they were center. i havent looked into it any deeper. i am wondering if my ball screw bolts that hold it to the bearing are not tight enough. when i get back home wed. i will dig into this some more. i did notice a resonance of vibration in ball screw at high speed that looks excessive.

In my case, the ball screw bolt was too tight. Re-check the deflection on the rod and adjust in small increments. I also sanded down the rails as the powder coat was peeling.

I figured it out. I was not real clear on how to adjust limit switch stops because it was hard to figure out when the gantry centered. i got home, got it as centered as possible, one of the limit switches was off about 3/8 of and inch. adjust that limit switch stop and table ran through break in with no issues. thank you for your time.