XXL Expansion project

Figured I’d put up some build progress on my XXL table upgrade. I did my water table 49" a couple years ago and finally got around to finishing up the expansion!

Here is a rought parts list:

316 stainless 2x2x.12 tube 6 feet long from McMaster 269 shipped

1/2-8 6’ 4 start lead screw and nut from from mcmaster 325 shipped

1/4 -1/2 couple for motor like 20ish

1/2 thrust bearings and lock collars couple bucks on Amazon

1/2 bearing with pillow block 20 for 2 from Amazon

I decided it wasn’t worth my time to expand the bottom support tube when I could just burn out some extension brackets from 3/16. I already had raised my gantry up once before but I went even higher now. Should be able to clear 6" with the torch now.

I had some minor whip at rapid speeds so I made a little bracket to mount a thrust bearing on the y axis. I loosened the motor coupler, locked the lock collar/thrust bearing to the plate, then locked the support bearing with a small gap at the end. Tightened up the bolts and it put a little pull on the screw, then tightened up the motor coupler. Gotta be careful with the tension, it does take much to stall out the motor.

It cuts great so far. Haven’t cut full width yet but I’ve done a couple cuts on the end and they turned out perfect.

Next on the list is some cable chains to clean up the wiring.

I was kinda toying with the idea of putting the old y axis on the x axis so the torch will travel off the table for a future tube cutter setup.