XR Would You Buy Again?

Hello All-
This is my first post- I’m in Wittmann, AZ and in the process of finishing up my sizable shop project and one of the things I will be buying is a plasma table and the XR is on the radar. I guess the biggest question is simply would you buy the XR again?

Yes, I would, table works flawless for me.


Yeah i would too. I have run other tables, and i still much prefer my langmuir. It runs smoother and firecontrol works well and is simple to use.


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I would re buy all my purchases from Langmuir including the XR .

Yeah some things were not prefect but it all worked out in the end.

no complaints


I would buy the XR again


Would you buy me ye XR over a 2023 Torchmate 4x8 with a 120 cutter and a plate marker for about $18k??

Depends on your needs, my Xr does everything I need it to do. I don’t need a marker but could add one to my XR if need be. Can’t beat the XR for the money…

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What’s a 120 cutter?
I don’t know much about the torch mate, what’s it got the XR doesn’t?