Xr with powermax85 sync

I am about to order a powermax85 sync with machine torch and 75* hand torch. I was wondering what length lead people were using for the machine torch. I plan to store the plasma cutter under the table on a fabricated shelf

I ordered my XR and then called Langmuir to as this same question. The absolute minimum length is 20ft but since the 85 sync comes with a 25ft lead, you are set.

Thank you for the response. I placed my order for the 85. But it looks like I’ll be waiting for at least a few months. No one has an 85. Not even hypertherm.

I bought mine from Baker’s Gas on May 27th and it will be delivered tomorrow. Maybe try giving them a call.

I called them. They said 4 weeks. I called hypertherm also. Hypertherm said they won’t have any units to ship to their distributor’s until the end of July. So either bakers just doesn’t know or is misleading me to try to get my money

Maybe I was a lucky one…