XR Water Table SS?

So I just was looking over the description and noticed no mention of the water table material. The Pro is SS, but the XR looks to be Painted or Powder Coated.

At the price point I’m thinking it is steel, with bent tubing rounded corners.

Don’t you all love to speculate!

Yes you are correct, the XR water table is mild steel and powder coated.


What gauge is the steel?

The skin is 18 gauge, the structural ribbing in it is 1/8"

Awesome, thanks!

Powder Coated ? I don’t know if I like that. How does that hold up to the heat? I’ve had several pieces of equipment that were powder coated they look fantastic when new. But a few chips and scratches and the rust gets underneath the coating and eat the steel out like cancer.

The water tables should never be used without a rust preventer mixed in such as sodium nitrite or borax powder to prevent rusting.

If they use a Zinc powder primer first and then the color powder or an epoxy powder primer then the color powder it would hold up really well.

What is the drain setup on the water table? Hopefully they are not those tiny ones like the Pro. That would take forever to drain.

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With different schools of thought on this. MOP, you can’t go wrong with Stainless steel for environment of a water table

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I agree 100%. I bet the additional cost would be $1000

No doubt. Could that be a add on option?

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Put an anode on it and don’t worry about it.


Most high end companies don’t use stainless many charge extra for powder coating the water pan.
I do agree, in a perfect world, the water pan would be stainless.
The above said, you should be running some type of anti rust additive in the water. Another option would be to make a custom 1 piece stainless water pan.
I recently looked at a Squickmon’s Engineering E-light table (4x8) it comes with a non-painted/coated 3 piece water table (powder coating +$800)
No computer, pedestal was +$800, 1 year warranty (+$800 for 5 year warranty) unit is fully assembled, estimated shipping from AZ-SC $2,300
Base price about $9,500
Yes there are other differences in components and the structure of the build.
I guess what I am getting at is the XR is an amazing machine given its price point.