XR water table drains for new owners

This is for people new to the XR, trying to get the drains sorted out. If you are modifying the pans so that all 4 sections have a drain, instead of trying to seal in sink drains and worrying about possibly dimple dieing the holes, try an approach from NTD Racing’s channel on Youtube. Start with galvanized iron floor flange plate, the pan hole edges will have to fit between the plate’s center hole and the 3 or 4 bolt holes. Use one plate on the top side to mark holes, drill, put bolts in. E6000 glue works well for a seal, coat the flat side of the flange, position on underside of drain hole, tighten nuts onto screws. Then, its a matter of figuring out the rest of the pipe pieces to connect all 4 drains to a single point, collection tank, or whatever you want to use.

I’ve got all the fittings and tank to do the drain setup like NTD. I was thinking about putting some stainless mesh between the bottom of the table and the flange to keep big trash out of the hoses. Can anyone think of a reason that would be a bad idea?

You could also cut out scotch brite pads to fit in the drains, i as well as many other users are doing that, cheap and affective


Thats not a bad idea. I was a little worried that the mesh might cause a leak if i didnt get it sealed up good. With the scotch bright, i can pull it out if it gets clogged, and the flange will have a solid bead of caulk. Thanks for the suggestion!

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No problem! Enjoy your table!