XR table Path Rules

I have had my table for about two months. Doing fine with it so far. Thanks to your help and Langmuir support. I am cutting 3/8 and 5/8 mild steel right now. I am having problems around inside and outside radius. My torch is behind. I’m cutting with a 45 XP. I have slowed my feed rate down but once I make a radius it acts like it can’t catch up. I see in Sheet cam these path rules. Most everything I have seen on the internet is old stuff and it talks about writing a G code to turn off and on your THC, but I don’t know the code to turn off or on the THC. Some of the newer stuff I have Read said you don’t have to right that code it does it all by itself. I have been starting on the edge of the 5/8 metal and it starts out good. Once my torch gets behind it puts a bad positive cut on my part. Did know if turning the THC on and off in the path rules would help if the torch is coming up in the radius when it gets behind. Thanks for your help.

Firec control will automatically turn off THC when speeds drop so far below program speed. So if you tell it to slow a radius by 60 percent it will automatically turn thc off.

You could use an “All corners” rule to slow I believe.

That is what I thought. I will give it a try tomorrow. Thanks

Don’t need THC cutting 5/8 material.

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