XR/RazorWeld 45 issues

Hi Ya’ll,

I’ve had my XR setup for about 2 weeks now. Got a bunch cut, from 16 gauge mild sheet to 1/4 inch plate. I’m using a RazorWeld 45 for the plasma. Had an issue today though. I cut some 16 gauge stainless on it in the morning. The torch didnt quite get through it cleanly, had alot of dross but it got through it enough I was able to use it. Was trying to make a bracket out of 3/16 mild steel this afternoon and the torch wont even punch through it. The machine stops about an inch into the program. I’ve checked my setups, 2d cutting program, and G code and it’s correct. I’m running the plasma at 30 amps, cut speed is 40 ipm, and pierce delay is 1". I tried running it even at 45 amps and it does the same thing. The computer on the machine doesnt give me any warnings, it says the program is still running, but the indicator light on the torch shroud flashes orange or yellow. Anyone have this issue and know how to clear it up?

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did you check your consumables and make sure the plasma clamp is on the material?

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Bad connection on ground, consumables are toast, bad air pressure. these 3 things will account for 98% of all cutting and quality issues (assuming your settings are correct). based on your description I would bet consumables. Change them regularly. a ruined cut can often be more expensive than the consumables. I had a buddy using my pro table and he was pretty proficient with it. one day he had an issue with bad cuts then misfire after misfire. he did trouble shooting for over an hour and was feeling homicidal from the frustration. when I came in and found him in the middle of his personal crisis, I immediately took apart the torch and found an electrode that looked like a melted candle. a quick replacement and everything in the world was right again.


Does the arc look green? A green arc indicates that the electrode no longer has any hafnium in it and the copper is burning. Copper doesn’t produce a very good plasma stream.

Electrodes and nozzles are consumable items and need to be replaced on a regular basis. Depending on your air quality and cutting conditions, that could be less than 100 pierces or up to 1500 pierces.