XR Production Use

I’ve nearly pulled the trigger on a Pro but I’m afraid I’ll want a bigger table, especially as I’m entertaining taking on some of the simpler production cuts for my business that I currently farm out.

Most of my products are built with .250, 10 and 11 ga and cut on a Trumpf laser… most of MY cutting would be 11-16ga A36. I’ve been looking at a CUT60 as I’m a big fan of Primeweld’s customer service.

I was originally looking at the Pro strictly for prototyping use cutting thin gauge material but as I chew on this I’m considering stepping up to a larger table to handle any production runs I may want to take on

My question is how many of you are using the XR for production use? If so, how heavy of use and how is it performing? Any other input?



I am about to run a production on my XR ill let you know how it goes.

Yeah… I’ve already ordered an XR so we shall see.

I run mine 35+ hours a week. Just ran 8000 baseplates in the last two. Holds up decent. Obviously there is always something to fix or straighten out but for the price you can’t beat it!

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