XR ordered - North Central Nebraska

Hi all. Marty here from the north central part of Nebraska. Just recently placed money down for an XR and am reading up on assembly and workflow with software. Plan to use my existing Hypertherm 45 (NOT XP) and have already purchased the needed machine torch. Looks like I have a wait ahead of me for the XR but I am in hopes it will come quicker than I expect. I really don’t have any professional fabrication background but have been known to cobble things together in my shop when the need arises. My plan for the table is to try and supplement income (signs, parts, kits, etc…) as I have had to walk away from a 25yr career in IT and most recently Healthcare IT/Administration due to moral conflicts brought about by this pandemic. Don’t care to get political here but I am a veteran and don’t really think my time in service was to enable the crap I am seeing today! So far the design side of things seems familiar enough that I am able to pick it up quickly. This forum looks great and will be valuable for me as I spin up. I hope to be able to help others once I get quality time under my belt.

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Welcome to the forum! Thank you for your service!

Myself I am not a veteran but my dad is a retired Col. who served in multiple conflicts overseas so I have some idea of the sacrifices you have made. Really appreciate your contribution to our country and the service you provide!

It’s an enjoyable craft and this is a top notch group of guys who always go above and beyond to help!

I think this forum is one of Langmuir greatest assets and is a big reason I chose them over other companies.