Xr not connecting to fire control

So i just assembled my xr and downloaded all my software but my xr is not connecting to fire control. I was wondering do I need my power supply on to connect xr? Also does my usb isolator dongle have to flash green? Just been a solid red. Any help would be greatly appreciated

I’m still budgeting for an XR myself ,but you’re around step 18? where it gets into the USB connections.


I am unfamiliar with the ins and outs of the XR. But on my Pro where the USB is connected to the electronics enclosure it glows green around that connection.

That USB isolator might just have a red light on it ?

One of the XR guys will know what’s going on.

Your XR Machine Power Supply (not the plasma unit) does need to be powered on for the machine to connect.

my dongle has a solid red led…

Just connected to fire control had the estop on. Lol thank you for the help.

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Hello, I’m a complete newbie to this and am wondering whether or not the pasma cutter itself has to be connected or not at the time of testing I can’t seem to get it to connect and your help would be greatly appreciated.

The plasma cutter itself does not need to be wired up for connection to FireControl.

im having a problem with my Crossfire XR usb isolator. when the isolator dongle is installed i dont have any connection from fire control to the xr. when the dongle is removed i have connection and everything is working.

I have this same issue. I now have about 20 minutes worth of cut time. I have used the included MC computer and my personal laptop. I have to run fire control WITHOUT the usb isolator for it to work in either scenario. If I use the usb isolator on either computer I’m not able to establish a connection between fire control to the XR.

The USB isolator always has a red light on? Can someone please advise?

This is normal, when I turn on the controller the isolator shows red

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I does have the red light. So something is working.

I have to have it removed for fire control to work. Is it safe to continue without using it?

I’m not sure how you can fire control to work with out the computer hooked up?

With either one of the computers hooked up it will work, without the isolator. When using the isolator with either computer fire control can not connect or establish a connection.

Maybe I just need to buy another isolator.

Ok now I see, I would call Langmuir (you have phone support with the XR) and see if there is anyway to test it.

I went on Amazon and bought a new USB isolator for $20 and the problem is solved. I guess the one delivered from Langmuir was bad. New one even looks the same.

DEVMO ADUM3160 USB Digital Isolation.